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7 ways to create story ideas.

Published July 14, 2012 by ltwilton


We all get stuck for ideas from time to time. Use these techniques to get your creative juices flowing again:

1) Leave a notebook beside your bed. When you wake in the morning jot down any of the ideas you can still remember from your dreams. Dreams can be particularly strange collections of thoughts but they might be a good starting point for a story.

2) Play Cluedo. Well, not exactly, but take inspiration from the game by creating a story from a very simple starting point. Pick a random character, a job, an object and a place and build your story around these. You could even put the different characters, objects etc into a hat and pick them out at random.

3) Observe, observe, observe! Go people watching and imagine who they are and where they are going. Add a back story to each one and see if this sparks any story ideas.

4) Get inspired by the news. Try looking out for strange news stories or interesting photos and build a story from those.

5) Read the oldies. Try reading works without copyright like myths and legends and see if you can rework a classic. Change the venue, the characters, the moral, the ending or anything else you like and see if it helps you create something fresh with a hats off to the old masters.

6) Turn the world inside out. Think of normal, everyday things and change the rules. Upset the balance. Flip it all over and see what you end up with.

7) Start with a phrase or a sentence that you find interesting and see if you can develop a story from there. Try playing with quotes, ambiguous or vague phrases and those with double meanings.

I’d like to thank @jfaraday for idea number 7.

Comments please if you have any more ideas to add to the list.

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