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Spreading yourself thin on the internet?

Published July 10, 2012 by ltwilton

I keep reading that these days a writer needs to do a lot of their own marketing and that the internet is a tool (so use it! use it!) but so far I’m failing abysmally at this task. I don’t know whether I’m coming or going with twitter, twiends, digg, delicious, twellow, technorati, blah, blah, blah. I’m verifying accounts left, right and centre and I have no real idea how to use any of these things.

I feel like I might be spreading myself a little think across the net. I’ve started to try and build a little community of fellow writers, appreciators of art, empathisers, sympathisers and general nice people but I feel like I’m in a world where everyone has special glasses of knowing and I’m the only one walking around with two eyes.

There are people who know how to do this sort of shit. Heck, there are people out there who get paid to do this shit for other people but I don’t fancy spending my current zippo levels of cash on that kind of party.

The other hilarious thing is that I can’t currently ask much by way of comments and opinion from people as I don’t really have very many followers. (And no, not telling. Look for yourself!)

So, people, for the love of god, tell me this: are any of these sites worth using and will they work to increase the traffic to my blog, get me some more followers and generally bring me my heart’s desire?

I feel like the desperate kid in the line being last picked for the football team.

For those of you with experience in this field, I will search you down and find your advice. If I haven’t found you yet, please direct me and I’ll get there eventually.

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