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Moving Blog

Published August 16, 2012 by ltwilton

Hi to any followers!

I have been working hard on my new blog and I am almost ready to move. The site is up but there are a few more graphics issues I need to sort out.

I’ve been able to transfer all of my posts but not all of my comments in the end (I think I am missing those from the writemotivation post as I did that one manually). If you are interested in following my blog I would really appreciate it!

The new web address is

I hope you join me over there!


My very first set of #writemotivation goals.

Published August 11, 2012 by ltwilton


Finally! I am at the stage of writing my goals for #writemotivation, and boy, do I need them. It’s been very easy to do the bare minimum lately (or get caught on twitter for aaaaaaages) so I hereby give myself a kick up the ass.

Here are the goals for the rest of the month of August:

1)      Finish the mystery story and submit.

2)      Enter at least one writing competition.

3)      Complete non-fiction writing task 1.

4)      Write at least 3 more chapters of Lily.

5)      Start sci-fi project 1.

6)      Complete at least one blog entry per week.

Now that may sound pretty vague to you, but it’s a lot of work. I think I can cross off a few of those, if not all of them but I might need to give myself a daily target too, to make it all a bit more manageable.

I’ve spent a lot of time lately learning about writing and about social networking. It’s the social networking part that’s killing me at the moment. I just don’t think I’m doing it right yet as it seems to be taking up a lot of time.

I’m also trying to transfer my blog from a to a account and that is causing me some minor headaches.

I think I’ll put a goal for the blog transfer on there for September.

OK. Now to spend less time online, and more time writing!Image

My first guest post!

Published August 10, 2012 by ltwilton

I finally got my finger out and did a guest post for someone else! It is on the blog of the adorable @safireblade and can be found on the following link:


I’m also very pleased to announce that my good friend Karina Buchanan will be doing an imminent guest post for me here on romance writing (something I think I would be terrible at). Watch this space, I’ll be posting it here soon.

#Writemotivation and the #IWSG

Published August 1, 2012 by ltwilton

Egads! I’m back!

It feels like forever since I posted anything but, here goes.

I just got married two days ago, so things have been mega hectic to say the least. This isn’t my attempt at making a rubbish excuse but I hereby forgive myself right now anyway.

But the news is this: I found some amazing online projects that have been created by people to form supportive writing groups.

One is #writemotivation and the other is the Insecure Writers’ Support Group – #IWSG

The first can be found on the following blog: The Scribble Muse and the second on Alex J. Cavanaugh‘s blog.

I may be too late to properly join this week/month’s goal setting but I signed up for the blog hop.

My current mood about this is very excited! I’ll post back with goals and to let you know how I get along.

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