Find your creative outlet!

Published July 13, 2012 by ltwilton

ImageI’m starting to think that everyone on the planet could benefit from being involved in something creative. It’s starting to have a great effect on me in any case and I just want to spread a bit of that happy, shiny feeling.

I grew up thinking I was not in the least creative. My view of this kind of activity was restricted to traditional art – typically drawing, painting and sculpture. I never really did particularly well at art. I studied it for a small amount of time at age 11 and my art teacher didn’t appreciate¬†many of my efforts. My one good idea in art class took me too long to finish and I hadn’t noticed that a girl sitting at a desk nearby had, in the meantime, nicked the idea, finished it off and showed it to the teacher for lavish praise and demonstration to the class. My piece was ‘just a copy’ after that. I gave up art soon afterwards, frustrated at my complete lack of talent and the fact that my drawings always looked like freaky cartoons with even freakier hands.

I was always fairly good at writing and my short stories in primary school had garnered much praise from my teachers but no-one ever told me that I should keep it up. I don’t think writing is viewed by teachers as a viable career option. Either that or they didn’t actually think my stories were that good after all! The strange thing is that I never saw writing as a creative art. I have no idea why! In fact, I have only recently realised that I am, in actual fact, being creative when I write.

This has opened up a whole world of amazement to me. I suddenly feel different, a bit more worthwhile. It’s very odd, I know, but it certainly feels great.

I look online and I see just how many people who are writing and creating and I now feel like a proud little number amongst them.

When I decided to delve deeper into the reasons for my elation I started to think that, as humans, we have a necessity to create. I thought about the people I know, and there are very few of them who don’t have some sort of creative outlet. And, don’t forget that we also create life, famillies and our own little networks. This brings all sorts of joy to people, as we all know.

So, my advice is this: if you don’t have a creative outlet, find one and see how it makes you feel. Whether it be writing, filming, taking photos, creating works of art, decorating, doing hair, putting on make-up, fixing things or whatever. Find it and revel in the joy that is making stuff!

What do you think about our human need to create? Do you think it’s nonsense or is there something in it?


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